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Systems Engineering for Specialist Vehicles Advanced Training Course

OptimaSC have teamed up with Bristol Management Centre to offer our Systems Engineering for Specialist Vehicles Advanced Training Course. This is designed to provide an understanding of a full lifecycle systems approach to the development of specialist vehicles, particularly in the military context, and the integration of their systems.

About the course

It uses structured training and exercises to explain how to tailor and apply Systems Engineering practices to the specific challenges encountered in this environment. The course is delivered by OptimaSC Independent Systems Consultancy Engineers and is designed as a 4.5 day course.

It will cover:

The full course timetable is available below in PDF format.


If you are already interested, please follow the link to the Bristol Management Centre website to book this training course.

Who should take this course

The course is suitable for anyone looking to pursue a career or advance in Systems Engineering in relation to specialist vehicles.


For the individual this course will:

For an organisation this course will:


After the course, delegates will receive a Certificate of attendance confirming successful completion of the course, including a record of CPD hours and status.

Key Features

The course will develop the principles of Systems Engineering in the context of developing and integrating complex vehicles. It focuses on the practicalities of applying Systems Engineering by using realistic case studies and real world practical examples.

On successful completion, delegates should be able to:

How do I book the course?

Please follow the link to the Bristol Management Centre website for dates, availability and to book this training course.

Further information

We are continually developing and tailoring our training courses, for further information about any of our services, you can contact us via E-mail:

We also deliver Systems Engineering Training outside the UK with our partners, SE Training. SE Training are an international team of experts specialising in cross-functional disciplines such as Systems Engineering and Project Management, working across multiple industries and academia.

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