Optima’s team has a broad range of Systems experience across the Space sector, from commercial and scientific missions to defence & security.

Our team understand the unique requirements that apply to space-based systems. We combine this sector expertise with extensive use of advanced Systems Engineering tools and processes including requirements management, engineering planning and trade-offs.

Our consultants have worked for the major national Space Agencies and industry clients on projects including:

  • Earth remote sensing instruments and missions operating in LEO, MEO and GEO.
  • Orbit, mission, system and sub-system analysis of a range of space based missions and sensors including ROSETTA, METOP, MORO, C-SAR, MASTER, GERB.
  • We’ve also developed Advanced Systems Engineering training courses for the European Space Agency’s engineering and scientific staff.

We participate in all stages in the project lifecycle from initial feasibility assessment, through concept development to delivery and commissioning of satellite systems.

Our Experience

Project Space

Leading an ESA study to establish the mission and instrument requirements for a spacecraft instrument operating at sub-millimetre wavelengths (>300 GHz).

Our team included scientists working on retrieval and modelling techniques, plus technology engineers.

Project Space

Developing a complete set of mission and instrument requirements for a sub-mm wave radiometer to meet scientific requirements.

Project Space

Establishing a preliminary mission and instrument concept to complement existing and planned operational spaceborne missions.

Project Space

Designing programmes for aircraft demonstrator instruments to develop and validate atmospheric measurements for cirrus cloud and microwave hyperspectral missions.

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Project Space

Development Management of Polar Platform Verification Database, responsible for requirements definition.

On delivery, the database was used by the client and ESA to support the Envisat System Qualification Review and Flight Acceptance Review.

Project Space

Study Management and systems engineering for UK funded programme investigating technology and feasibility trade-offs of IR spaceborne interferometer for extra-solar planet detection.

Project Space

Systems engineering on ESA’s MOFFIT study (a long-baseline, lunar IR interferometer), responsible for optical design and control aspects of the instrument.

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