Systems Thinking applied to broader organisational challenges to assure, improve and change.

Most businesses underuse technical approaches that could make their enterprise work better. Our systematic, end-to-end approach to tackling complexity provides a highly successful organisational management methodology. It can be applied in any organisation dealing with multi-faceted structure, delivery or technological requirements. It produces good solutions for real, complex problems.

At Optima, we are often commissioned for systems engineering tasks but become involved in broader issues due to our insistence on seeing the bigger picture.

Our Systems Thinking approach to your organisation is rigorous, focussed on the pragmatic, real-world need to reduce risk and become more resilient.

Systems Thinkers are able to scope a situation fully and accurately because they recognise that the world is not simple and is highly connected.

A Systems approach to managing interface risk

Failure in a complex process almost always happens at the interfaces between one department, person or set of processes, and the next.

We help you successfully tackle complex or disruptive process challenges using a Systems Approach, to:

  • Keep activity and expenditure focussed on strategic goals by ensuring that all tasks are seen within a wider context
  • Provide greater efficiency and effectiveness in your business operations
  • Identify requirements clearly so as to prioritise and manage risk factors
  • Create a more unified culture and a reduction in cross-functional friction by incorporating the human factors in every process

Bespoke modelling to fully scope your complex challenges

We have developed Optima-Connections™ – a comprehensive series of proven analysis techniques – to fully map and assess your situation, enable us to optimise complex organisational processes, and help develop matched solutions to your business challenges. Our set of services and supporting techniques enable us to address issues such as:

  • Change management
  • New technology deployment and readiness
  • Process monitoring and problem resolution
  • Stakeholder identification & Management Return On Investment (ROI) modelling
  • Assessment and Assurance for acquisition and investment
Model showing Optima's business consultancy methodology.
An overview of Optima-Connections, our unique Systems Consultancy methodology.

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