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Optima Systems Consultancy’s Heartwarming Holiday Initiatives: More Than Just a Christmas Party

The festive season is often synonymous with festive gatherings, but at Optima Systems Consultancy, it’s about much more than just celebrating. For the fifth consecutive year, we’re proud to be part of the #GivingTree2023 appeal, ditching office Secret Santa for donating toys to children in refuge who have survived domestic violence.

In a recent article by Business Age titled “Don’t Throw a Christmas Party, Give to Charity,” the spotlight is on companies redefining Christmas celebrations through acts of kindness. This resonates deeply with Optima Systems Consultancy’s commitment to charitable initiatives, which extend beyond the traditional festive party scene.

“Over two-thirds (69%) of UK employees say their workplace allocates funds for Christmas activities such as parties, decorations and employee gifts. Among those employees, almost half (49%) are in favour of some of these funds going towards charities of their choice according to an Ipsos poll commissioned by GlobalGiving UK.”

For the past five years, Optima has been a steadfast supporter of the #GivingTree appeal by KidsOut. This initiative involves donating toys to children in refuge, offering a glimmer of joy to those who have survived domestic violence.

Moreover, our commitment to giving back doesn’t stop there. Since 2014, Optima has run a unique December tradition where everyone in the company has the opportunity to nominate a charity. Optima then donates £100 on behalf of the employee’s nominated charity, spreading the spirit of generosity far and wide.

As we navigate through this festive season, Optima Systems Consultancy is thrilled to be involved in not one but three employee-led fundraising campaigns. The office is buzzing with excitement as we host a festive bake-off, contribute to a photography zine purchase towards good causes, and proudly sponsor a colleague’s charity cycle ride from Bristol to Paris.

To delve deeper into the heartwarming stories on how UK employers spend at Christmas for charitable giving and other employee-led initiatives, we encourage you to read the full article on Business Age:

At Optima Systems Consultancy, our dedication to charitable giving is not just a seasonal trend but a core part of our company ethos.

This festive season, Optima Systems Consultancy is not just redefining celebrations; we’re making a difference, one charitable initiative at a time.

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