Managing the specification, requirements and procurement of some of the most complex systems is a common challenge faced by the procurement teams of many organisations. Dealing with a challenging schedule and budgetary constraints, whilst managing a wide range of stakeholders’ views and expectations, can be a daunting exercise.

In our experience, successful procurement projects commonly share two key elements from the outset:

  • A solid foundation with a precise, stakeholder-approved definition of the requirements.
  • An integrated project team (both technical and commercial) that works collaboratively to ensure cohesion between the requirements and the parameters of the procurement process.

Our unique approach, in collaboration with Commerce Decisions (known for AWARDR solution, as part of the Defence Sourcing Portal), is designed specifically to address these critical elements and create a customised solution that avoids the all too common pitfalls and deliver the best possible outcomes for your project.

“A flawless evaluation based on inaccurate requirements can still lead to sub-optimal results.”

Scope definition & structured requirements with a systematic approach

Our independent consultants will bring their systems-thinking expertise and requirements definition skills to explore the potential scope and define your requirements collaboratively, making sure that the operational context is fully considered.

The requirements will be validated against the overall operational objectives with the end users, ensuring that engagement and consensus is reached with all key stakeholders. This establishes a firm baseline upon which we can develop the procurement model.

Managing a cohesive procurement process

Our consultants will co-ordinate closely with your commercial team and our Commerce Decisions partners to ensure complete cohesion between the derived requirements and the parameters of the procurement approach.

We will work in partnership with your team and key stakeholders to:

  • Define fit for purpose, ‘SMART’ requirements, with justifications
  • Align requirements with your operational and business needs
  • Support any trade-space arising and record requirements changes in an auditable manner.
  • Obtain stakeholder consensus and validation
  • Vet requirements against the overall project/programme objectives
  • Support your development of the procurement model and marking scheme from a requirements perspective
  • Evaluate tender responses

Applied skills and services

  • Practical application of systems thinking to scope your system
  • Requirements Definition
  • Ensure consistency with Operational and Business Objectives
  • Stakeholder Management at all levels
  • Support best practice, coherent procurement and tender evaluation

Project & Programme benefits

  • Ensure the best value for money outcome
  • Acquire fit-for-purpose goods & services
  • Deliver cost-savings
  • Mitigate risk from initiation
  • Improve profitability

See our infographic for more information.

Could your project benefit from our customised and unique solution? Connect with us to find our more!

Lloyd Pryce
Business Development Director
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