Press Release  •  4 Feb 2021  •  1 min read

Optima Systems Consultancy joins campaign for ethical recruitment

Optima Systems Consultancy is  delighted to annnounce the support and adoption of the #Care4Candidates campaign–  a professional social movement launched by our recruitment partner, OD Talent Solutions. The campaign was created to champion ethical recruitment –  focussing on ensuring that candidates receive the level of respect and care they deserve.

Chris Lamb, Optima Sytems Consultancy’s Managing Director said, “our people’s health and wellbeing is top priority for us and this level of care starts at the beginning of the journey: the recruitment process. We think that engaging with a potential employee fairly, transparently and on merit should be standard practice. That’s why we have signed up for the “Care 4 Candidates” campaign – to champion ethical hiring and purposefully work in partnership with OD Talent Solutions to make the recruiting process a positive experience to every job seekers.”

Read more about our commitment and pledges here.

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