Case Study  •  1 Apr 2019  •  1 min read

Submarine Combat System

Optima has played a leading role over a 5 year period in the development of Underwater Surveillance systems for Dreadnought, working with BAE Systems.

Tasks have included leadership of architectural development and design reviews, high level and detailed design specification, interface and service development, options assessment, trade-offs, requirements analysis, engineering planning and coordination, ITEA Plan development, ITT preparation and assessment, technology development and trials planning, safety and environmental assessment, transversal engineering including human factors, operability and information security.

Optima has conducted a broad range of study tasks under the Design Services Arrangement between BAE Systems and MoD DE&S CSG. These have included leadership of a multi-party study for Defensive Aids Suite Architectures, and several tasks for Epoch3 Common Combat System development including Architecture definition, Common Infrastructure design, Policy & Requirement analysis, Learning from Experience, and Test Strategy.

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