Case Study  •  15 May 2019  •  2 min read

Veolia Nuclear Solutions

Optima was asked to provide Veolia Nuclear Solutions Ltd (VNS(UK)) with Systems Engineering support to the design of the In-Vessel-Viewing System (IVVS), a remotely operated viewing and metrology system destined for use in the ITER experimental nuclear fusion reactor being constructed in the south of France.

The IVVS will provide a real time viewing capability to inspect the internal surface of ITER Tokamak vacuum vessel and a metrology capability to determine the erosion of plasma facing components.

Optima provided embedded engineers to support the VNS(UK) project team and their Barcelona-based client, Fusion for Energy (F4E).  More specifically and in preparation for the IVVS Preliminary Design Review (PDR), Optima delivered: Requirements Management including the derivation of sub-system requirements; Design Verification planning; external and internal Interface ManagementFailure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis; analysis of Functional and System Architectures; and support to VNS(UK) forward task planning, defining the logical sequencing of future tasks and their interdependencies.

Our IVVS activity led directly to VNS(UK) engaging Optima for 2 further packages in support to ITER system designs as well as the provision of Systems Engineering training for VNS(UK) staff.  The additional work has seen Optima rapidly expand its footprint in VNS(UK) from a single consultant to a team of 4, reinforcing the VNS(UK) Operations Director’s stated aspiration to form a longstanding alliance with Optima for the provision of Systems Engineering services.

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