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Optima Systems Consultancy joins the UK Missile Defence Centre (MDC) as a Partner Company

Missile Defence Centre Contract Signing.
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Optima’s Managing Director, Chris Lamb, has signed the agreement to formally join the UK Missile Defence Centre (MDC) as a partner company on 27th March 2024. Optima have supported the UK MDC for a number of years, providing independent technical expertise and systems engineering.

As partners of the MDC, Optima will increase its engagement with the MDC through the regular industry briefings and align its capability development with the needs of the MDC across the 6 themes.

The 6 themes of the MDC are: 

  1. Scenario Assessment and Wargaming – provides education on missile threats and defensive options and raises awareness of related issues within defence and also across government 
  2. Sensors and Architectures – conducts research into current and novel sensing methods 
  3. Threat Characterisation – explores how the threat is evolving and how it might evolve in the future 
  4. Threat Reduction and Lethality – focusses on the final few seconds of an interceptor engagement with a threat 
  5. Maritime BMD – explores opportunities for current and planned UK maritime capabilities to support BMD 
  6. Novel Technology – explores the application of novel and emerging technology to all aspects of missile defence 


About Optima Systems Consultancy

Optima Systems Consultancy Ltd (Optima) is a UK company, established in 2012 to provide Systems Engineering consultancy to industry and governmentFor a number of years, Optima has been supporting the MDC, in many of cases working along-side the current Industry partners.   

Beyond the support to the MDC, Optima provides Systems Engineering expertise to industry and government across a number of sectors including defence, nuclear and energy. The team at Optima provide expertise in Systems Engineering along with specialist technical knowledge in a wide range of domains and systems. As an independent company, they offer impartial advice and support to enable their clients to optimise and deliver their complex programmes 

About the UK Missile Defence Centre (MDC) 

It is part of Defence Science and Technology within the Ministry of Defence. It was established in 2003 as a government-industry partnership to understand the issues and opportunities relating to Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD). Since that time, its remit has expanded from traditional ballistic missile threats to include consideration of manoeuvring and hypersonic threats. 

The activities of the MDC, supported by an underpinning research programme, ensure the provision of evidence to decision makers, collaboration on projects of mutual interest with international partners, and sustainment of elements of national expertise. 

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