Press Release  •  9 Apr 2019  •  1 min read

Optima Systems Consultancy joins INCOSE UK Advisory Board

Optima Systems Consultancy has joined INCOSE UK Advisory Board (UKAB). The UKAB provides a forum for UK Systems Engineering organisations (within industry, government and academia) to influence the activities that INCOSE UK undertakes, and the systems engineering best practice that INCOSE UK promotes.

Ivan Mactaggart, President of INCOSE UK, visited Optima Systems Consultancy on 10th May 2018 to sign the agreement.

Chris Lamb, Optima Systems’s Consultancy’s Managing Director said, “It’s good to be re-engaging with the INCOSE UKAB, having previously been Chair of the UK Advisory Board. Our team at Optima System Consultancy have a wealth of experience to contribute to the development of Systems Engineering in the UK, and we look forward to supporting the INCOSE UK Chapter”.

For more information about the INCOSE UKAB visit 

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