Press Release  •  26 May 2022  •  2 min read

Optima welcomes Peter Modro and Calum Fraser

Optima Systems Consultancy is proud to welcome Peter Modro BSc CEng MRAeS and Calum Fraser BSc PGDip to our team.

Peter joins our team as a Senior Systems Engineer with over 35 years of experience in aerospace, defence, maritime, and rail sectors. He started his career as an aerodynamicist, served as an Engineering Officer in the Royal Air Force working on fast jets.

He also worked on civil and military aircraft & aero engine design, maritime combat systems communications, engineering management, commercial management, and Manufacturing Business Improvement, gaining experience in in-depth technical project management, systems/requirements engineering and UK/overseas supplier chain management.

More recently, Peter has been working on Naval Combat Systems, has extensive experience in management and embodiment of Government Furnished Equipment and is well versed in UK MoD systems, processes and organisation.

In his spare time, Peter plays classical piano moderately well, guitar badly, is improving his language skills in French and Polish. He is also an enthusiastic but incompetent skier.

Calum joins us with over 25 years of experience working within the defence sector.  He started his career as part of the Logistic Analysis Research Organisation (LARO) within the MODs DLO.

He’s skilled on working on multiple projects, analysing complex logistical problems, and making use of the emerging modelling tools to express these problems and their dependencies in a coherent fashion.
He’s worked with the Operational Analysis branch within NATO’s Communication and Information Agency (formally NC3A) where he focused on the Information & Knowledge Management of operations and led to building experience in Systems Engineering in support of the deployed Information Systems that NATO deployed across operational theatres.

His time with NCIA saw him on the ground in Kosovo and Afghanistan, running supporting projects to the Information Systems, gathering new requirements as operational needs developed, providing pre-deployment training and in field support to the deployed military personnel for both KFOR and ISAF.

In his spare time Calum has taken on the role of coach for his three sons rugby teams. He’s also the leader for their scout troops, and Air Cadets (as well as being a taxi driver for their older pursuits).  He does tend to grow quite fabulous beards, even if he isn’t deployed.

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