Case Study  •  4 Apr 2019  •  3 min read

Morpheus Customer Friend Support

The Challenge

Our client needed additional expertise to support their role as Customer Friend to the UK Ministry of Defence’s Morpheus Project. Morpheus is a defence project that will deliver the next generation of Tactical Communication and Information Systems (TacCIS) capability.

This new capability will address critical system obsolescence and introduce a more agile TacCIS solution (both technical and business). It will also enable emergent technology to be rapidly exploited for user benefit and be more responsive to changes in user need. Furthermore, it will realise efficiencies in the way in which TacCIS capability is acquired and supported.

The first phase of Morpheus sees a Transition Partner (TP) delivering early capability known as Evolve to Open (EvO) and carrying out a study/demonstration work package (known as EC3) defining optimum integration patterns for legacy and GVA-compliant platforms.

Strategy and solution

Optima Systems Consultancy’s role was to provide additional Systems Engineering expertise into the Morpheus Coordinating Design Office (CDO) team with experience of integrating the existing Bowman, ComBAT, Infrastructure and Platform BISA (BCIP) tactical communication system onto land platforms. Our focus turned to key platform integration issues. We delivered technical assurance of the TP’s EvO platform integration deliverables, collaboratively working with the TP to shape and assure the EC3 programme, and engaging with platform teams across the MOD to ensure they are aware of the new system solution and the impact it may have on the platforms. Our team also identified interventions required by the platforms to incorporate the solution and defining a Statement of Work for a system integration study for replacement Multi-Mode Radios (MMR).

Optima’s role was to:

  • Ensure that DE&S Platform Teams are aware of the EvO system solution and the impact it has on the platforms, under the direction of the MORPEHUS PI&F PM.
  • Identify interventions required by platform teams to incorporate the solution.
  • Produce assurance of the TP EC3 activity under the direction of the Technical Assurance Lead.
  • Supply the CDO point of contact for the Vehicle Mission System Interoperability Demonstration.
  • Provide the CDO point of contact for the TP Electronic Countermeasures Deconfliction Datalink Study
  • Participate in Platform Integration and Fielding Assurance Review (PIFAR) – technical review of EvO Platform Installation Guidelines (PIG), EvO Equipment Installation Guidance Information Documents (EEIGIDs), EvO Product ICDs and EvO Cable Specifications
  • Tender evaluation for the Morpheus Installation Design and Certification (MIDaC) competition
  • Define the task to fully integrate the replacement MMR radios into MORPHEUS platforms, including co-site mitigations, and identify a suitable contracting route.
  • Deliver a Statement of Work for a system integration study for replacement MMR radios, including co-site mitigation.


As a result, the programme was able to de-risk the integration into platforms for the future phases. Our contract was extended twice and we received excellent feedback and thanks from our client.

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