Agile teams often find that the continuous collaboration required to define deliveries for each increment can slow down the rate of useful product output.  We can help your team achieve continuous delivery at speed by focusing on the highest value products and their detailed needs.

Agile Project Support

We tailor Agile methodologies to ensure an optimal fit with your internal organisational processes, especially where combined waterfall and agile acquisition streams are present.  We apply a rigorous systems thinking-based approach to ensure that requirements and dependencies are clearly understood, which reduces the likelihood of developing the wrong solution.  By working to overcome system-level bottlenecks we can minimise the risk of reduced velocity, delayed increments or failed deliveries.  Our experts use Systems Thinking to synchronise aspects outside your digital delivery teams’ remit to increase the end user’s satisfaction and maximise rapid adoption as well as benefits realisation.

Our skills and services

  • Road-mapping and Sprint/ increment planning
  • Agile project management functions
  • Maturing and refining Backlogs
  • Synchronising multiple services/ product deliveries
  • Early benefits release
  • Supporting KANBAN activities
  • Synchronising aspects outside the product delivery

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