Very often, digital transformation projects deliver products or services that do not fully meet the underlying business needs. According to a 2018 report by McKinsey*, only 16 percent of respondents said that their digital transformation had successfully improved performance and equipped them to sustain changes in the longer term. Failure to adequately understand the problem to be solved, the solution options that exist, the potential impact on the organisation and the scope of work to be performed can all lead to poor outcomes.

Our business analysis and definition expertise help your business to establish realistic objectives for your digital delivery projects and ensure that credible, appropriately resourced plans are developed to achieve them.

Defining the business needs and expected benefits

Our business analysis and definition practitioners work with your project team to ensure that digital solutions are aligned to business strategy and needs. Our Systems-Thinking approach to investigating problems and evaluating holistic solution options reduces the risks of missing key aspects of the problem or delivering an incoherent solution. We employ our OPTIMALâ„¢ model to ensure that all of the critical elements needed to achieve successful transformations are identified and delivered. We increase stakeholder engagement and satisfaction by involving them in the analyses and optioneering to ensure their needs are understood and met.

Our road-mapping expertise helps you better understand your service landscape and how solutions will be delivered, taking account of dependencies on other solutions and projects. We assist you to identify and clearly articulate the expected benefits to support your business cases, and monitor the realised benefits from technology-enabled change. Working closely with project managers, we employ overt risk management approaches to identify and mitigate development and transition risks. Whether you employ an Agile or more traditional project management approach, we can help you to deliver better outcomes from your digital transformation.

Applied skills and services

  • Early goal setting during research and discovery phases
  • Strategy, architecture and roadmap alignment
  • Development of Product and Service Catalogues
  • Identifying realistic business improvements
  • Business transaction analysis
  • Modelling business functions, processes & information flows
  • Investigating business issues, problems and new opportunities
  • Generating, maturing and justifying solution options and interfaces

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Justyn Crane
Digital Lead
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*Unlocking success in digital transformation, McKinsey, 2018

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