In today’s digital world, generating continuous acceptance evidence to demonstrate value and to build stakeholder credibility has become essential. Optima can bring formality and rigour to your team’s requirements and assurance processes, even in the evolutionary cycles and aggressive timelines – typical with technological & digital development.

Watertight assurance to mitigate risk and strengthening credibility

We generate fully populated and tightly defined test and assurance plans for both waterfall and agile programmes.  Our tailored methodologies enable assurance evidence to be gathered incrementally, enhancing your credibility with stakeholders and mitigating acceptance risks.  We carry out a comprehensive analysis of Services, synchronised with incremental roll-out acts to mitigate the potential cost/schedule impacts arising from poor specifications.  With story and requirements revalidation we clarify any poorly documented and ill-defined user needs.  We use Systems Thinking to optimise the numbers of Use and Test cases.  We also implement robust linking to demonstrate that user needs have been met by validated evidence without slowing delivery.

Our skills and services

  • Defining the vision and approaches for Service assurance
  • Planning the testing/ V&V of continuous delivery increments
  • Breaking Themes and Epics down into testable User Stories
  • Flowing and linking User Stories to Use and Test cases
  • Developing interface and system joining standards
  • Identifying regression test requirements
  • Linking assurance evidence back to high level requirements

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