Most companies struggle with how to implement the hard work they put into designing and planning their organisational change. The risks are great; solutions are only as effective as their implementation, yet implementation is often poorly planned, resourced and executed.

Optimising organisational design efforts requires a holistic management of the implementation and transition that include both the technological and people-focussed aspects. Our experts will identify and deliver all of the critical elements needed to minimise technological integration risks and maximise adoption by the people impacted by the solution.

Integrated planning and delivery

Our experts help your team identify all the critical elements that need to be addressed to successfully transition, not just the technological solution. Our experience in the delivery and release of technological solutions, coupled with our experience of organisational transformation ensures a balanced focus and prioritisation of both technological implementation and organisational transition activities.

  • We use advanced facilitation to help users accept and adopt the changes, and support the leadership to ensure they are visibly leading the way.
  • We employ Systems Thinking to identify dependencies to ensure that they are actively managed, reducing the risk of failure.
  • Our impact assessment mitigates against potentially detrimental impacts from the changes.
  • Our integrated release programming ensures minimal impact on ongoing business operations.

Applied skills and services

  • Integrated implementation and transition planning
  • Dependencies identification and management
  • Product implementation and release management
  • Change management planning and facilitation
  • Impact analysis and transition risk management
  • Incident management

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